BTS Jin is the best looking man in the world voted by beauty experts

The makeup and beauty experts at the studio conducted a study on 4941 male celebrities. They used a computer face contouring technique to select the most handsome faces from the perspective of cosmetologists.

original post: theqoo

1. I agree

2. Seokjin’s beauty is amazing

3. I want to see this face in a drama or movie

4. His face has a golden ratio, so it’s comfortable to look at his face and looks great from any angle

5. Before I die, I want to see Seokjin in real life

6. The whole world knows that our Seokjin is handsome

7. I agree, I think he’s the most handsome

8. I think he’s the most handsome in BTS, he’s a charming handsome man

9. Seokjin’s face is just perfect

10. Seokjin is f*cking handsome.. I admire him every time I see him

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