BTS Jin, sculpture beauty “World Wide Handsome”

BTS Jin looks like a sculpture in the latest photo

BTS Jin recently posted a photo on Twitter. In particular, Jin attracted attention because his face was like a sculpture.

original post: naver

1.[+600, -14] Seokjin, I always support you. BTS.

2. [+378, -6] Personality is also good as his face. He is a great idol.

3. [+303, -5] As expected, World Wide Handsome.

4. [+230, -3] Wow, he’s so handsome.^^

5. [+189, -2] He’s so good.

6. [+72, -1] BTS Jin is the world’s No. 1 handsome sculpture

7. [+52, -0] Thank you so much for your stage and appearance.

8. [+47, -0] I’m admiring Seokjin while watching this Muster! You know our Seokjin is the best, right?

9. [+41, -2] He’s so handsome. I can’t close my eyes when I see it.

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