BTS Jin’s face size is so small that the mask almost covers his face

Japanese fans judged that the size of his face was just a smiley icon

The size is similar to the head of the child.

Small face + broad shoulders

original post: theqoo

1. Idols that I feel their faces are so small = VIXX Hongbin, BTS Jin

2. His body proportions is the body proportions of comic characters

3. Every time I see his face, it’s shocking …

4. His face is so small, but handsome, clear, sharp and sincere

5. It’s really crazy, his face is very small and his shoulders are very wide.

6. His face is so small that I can’t see it even though it’s very close

7. Long neck also makes the face look smaller

8. His face shows a good man, but his face and body are genuine manga painting

9. His physical is really perfect

10. Yesterday I dreamed about this guy lol

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