BTS and EXO were harassed by sasaeng fans

On June 21, a representative of SM Entertainment released a statement of response to earlier media reports about two female sasaeng fans who attempted to break into Chanyeol‘s home.

In early April, two female Chinese sasaeng fans attempted to enter a studio apartment in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam, allegedly the home of EXO member Chanyeol. However, a female who was inside the studio apartment at the time notified Chanyeol right away when she heard the commotion outside. Chanyeol then called the police, and the two individuals were charged with an attempted break-in, as well as violation of travel visa regulations.

On June 17th, BTS’s Jungkook held a personal V-Live and revealed how he deals with sasaeng fans.

In the middle of his live stream, Jungkook received a call on his phone.

“This is a call from a fan. It’s saying ‘You’re doing a V-Live and I just called to check,'” Jungkook revealed. “What I do is, I immediately blocked the call. I actually get a lot of calls from sasaeng fans.”

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1.[+577, -42] Our Jungkook is healthy. I wish you all the best for all activities. BTS is very precious and I love you.

2. [+408, -31] It’s like idols have to change their phone numbers. I think it’s time for Jungkook to change his phone number.

3. [+382, -16] Sasaeng is not a fan. Jungkook, don’t get stressed out.

4. [+256, -11] Sasaeng is not a fan … You worked hard, Chanyeol.

5. [+175, -2] Obsessiveness is a disease. If you love and like someone, you need to care about them. The same is true of love between men and women.

6. [+26, -0] Don’t call them a fan! That’s a stalker, not a fan…

7. [+24, -1] Chanyeol… you must be surprised, crying

8. [+19, -0] They take pictures or sell information and use it to make money. After all, they’re a money bug pretending to be a fan. Or a delusional psychopath. From now on, don’t call them fans. You should call them Sasaeng Saiko.

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