BTS Jungkook “I am really challenged by Ariana Grande’s stage”

BTS Jungkook attended Ariana Grande's concert

BTS Jungkook posted photos on twitter on the 7th, confirming the performance of pop singer Ariana Grande.

“I felt and learned a lot after seeing her stage. I am really challenged by her stage and will try harder!” In addition, he uploaded an image holding an Ariana Grande concert ticket.

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1.[+587, -4] A real artist is trying to improve himself rather than looks. He thinks that eye contact with fans is more important through the screen, and he thinks comfort and cool are more important than designer clothes. So BTS Jungkook is very emotional.

2. [+181, -1] BTS Jungkook always tries his best to work hard and love the fans.

3. [+144, -6] BTS Jungkook is the best guy

4. [+54, -0] Bangtan, BTS, Jeon Jungkook

5. [+20, -0] After the concert at the stadium, BTS doesn’t need to rest, they try to learn and experience more by going to exhibitions and concerts.

6. [+12, -0] Even now, BTS Jungkook is sweeping not only the U.S. stage but also the world stage. It’s even more exciting.

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