BTS Jungkook borrowed a fan’s phone during the concert

Jungkook is performing, seeing a fan filming him. He sat down in front of the fans and smiled.

He borrowed a fan’s phone to film himself and took a selfie photo.

That fan was very happy and couldn’t believe what just happened.

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1.[+1829, -60] BTS’ Jungkook is so good. It must have been a good memory.

2. [+915, -45] Even if you take that picture, you’re handsome, Jungkook.

3. [+832, -67] BTS’s popularity in the US. Someday, a rural Boston café only wrote “Jungkook” on the blackboard, not “BTS Jungkook”. I’m so proud of Jungkook. I’m so proud of him.

4. [+458, -22] That’s so cool. BTS Jungkook.

5. [+257, -7] Real ㅠㅠ

6. [+88, -0] I watched that video dozens of times. #JUNGKOOK

7. [+78, -0] Every single thing he does without a plan is pretty and excited.I’m so excited. I’m smiling harmless.

8. [+58, -0] Econo Times, BTS’ Jungkook before ‘Good Morning America’ is a huge hit in the U.S.

9. [+56, -1] I can see how beautiful his actions are, he cares and loves fans and when you look at his eyes, Pretty BTS Jungkook, too clear and transparent.

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