BTS Jungkook, dating rumors → traffic violation accident → Itaewon visit, back to back scandals

BTS Jungkook, dating rumors, traffic violation accident, Itaewon visit, back to back scandals

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1. [+3061, -97] I hope he apologizes to his hyungs, fans, and medical staff, and reflects on this

2. [+2960, -149] For those ARMYs who are defending him blindly, please learn a lesson from what happened to BIGBANG. BIGBANG used to be untouchable but when they made mistakes and refused to admit it, they started to rot behind the shields of their fans and eventually collapsed.

3. [+2668, -355] Jungkook is Jungkook but ARMY doesn’t seem any better

4. [+277, -5] His fans coddle him too much

5. [+257, -18] Jungkook is quite stubborn~ Do you think he will listen to his hyungs? I can see his greed and stubbornness all over his face. I hope he’s the first to enlist~

6. [+230, -9] He’s always the only one who causes scandals

7. [+204, -5] Jungkook-ah, this is the second time your news has appeared in the general news section. Do you not feel sorry to the other members?

8. [+145, -8] Jungkook is the one sabotaging BTS

9. [+122, -10] He’s arrogant

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