BTS Jungkook, good personality carries “world class”

BTS Jungkook is praised for his great manners on stage

While waiting for the results on stage, Jungkook helped the staff clean the running water on the stage floor.

BTS Jungkook is praised for his great manners on stage

On the same day, with a group of the same companies ‘TXT‘, BTS Jungkook showed warmth, hugging juniors and taking care of them like a brother.

BTS Jungkook is praised for his great manners on stage

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1.[+833, -26] Thank you as a fan even if you’re good at your main job, but BTS’s Jungkook continues to increase his skills, great personality and impressive appearance.These days, I’m so happy and grateful to be a fan of Jungkook.^^<3

2. [+592, -23] Jungkook’s stories about his good deeds are true. He not only has a good appearance but his personality is also very good. I love you. I’m so proud of you.

3. [+572, -26] In countless reasons why I can’t help but love BTS’s Jungkook. Even on stage performances, greeting and taking care of fans all the time is perfect looks and vocal skills. It is also the most glamorous attraction along with the great charm of the performing king.

4. [+535, -15] One of the reasons I appreciate and love BTS Jungkook is his personality! He is very good and great. He is conscious of cameras, has no pretense, and he always pays attention to his safety and concern for other people and fans. But if you are there, you can see a person who is always polite and approachable, and you can see a person who shines more and more.

5. [+134, -0] I was always touched by the perfect appearance of BTS Jungkook, but I think humility and politeness make Jungkook really shine even more.

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