BTS Jungkook personally apologizes for Itaewon scandal “I’m sorry… my heart feels heavy”

BTS Jungkook personally apologizes for Itaewon scandal

Jungkook said, “It’s been a long time since I did a radio show with Suga. I’m happy to have spent this time communicating with ARMY, whom I’ve missed a lot. It’s been a long time since I communicated with ARMY like this, so I was nervous at first. There’s something I wanted to say. I think that there are many people who were hurt and angry about my recent behavior. I felt deeply apologetic to those who are suffering in these times, to those working hard in their various places, and also to the hyungs who are always beside me. My heart felt heavy thinking especially of ARMY, whom I love and went through a hard time because of me.”

He continued, “I thought deeply for a long time by myself. I also talked a lot with the hyungs and reflected on various things about myself. I wanted to speak directly to everyone in a live broadcast about this. I will become someone who thinks more deeply about each moment and action in the future.” cr

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1. [+2461, -1291] People are angry because he apologized after so much time but you should also know that although he knows if he apologizes now, he will bring the scandal to the top again after people are starting to forget about it, but he still apologized. I believe he took the time to reflect and I hope that he shows maturity moving forward

2. [+1214, -565] He didn’t actually go to a nightclub but the media reported this as if he were to the club. The reporters should apologize too. Should I be treated like a criminal if I went to a restaurant and a week later, a confirmed case comes out? Why do they always find ways to criticize celebrities? He even wore the mask the entire time that no one recognized him.

3. [+1034, -568] Thank you for apologizing to your fans with a genuine voice. I know that it must be hard for you to bring this issue back to the top when the media was starting to forget it. I could feel the genuine reflection in your voice when you said that you did a lot of thinking and promised to be more careful in the future. I really hope that you are careful in the future and we only see you in the positive news!

4. [+818, -493] Yes, reflect and let’s not do it again in the future. You are the one who helps our country to shine. It’s going to be hard but please show me your good things in the future!!

5. [+438, -267] I really don’t know Itaewon scandal. To be honest, the majority of the people are out and about right now.

6. [+403, -157] I think he waited for the moment because he was the last guest. As someone who waited for his apology, it was late, but I felt more genuine than a typical handwritten letter. Although he sincerely apologizes, I know everyone will hate on him whether he apologizes or not and you all need to stop

7. [+198, -103] People are always rushing to hate BTS whenever they see their articles but the haters really need to stop. To be honest, you’re going to hate on them no matter what they do, and it’s a mental illness. I really don’t understand how some people can be so mad enough to hate on others like this.

8. [+180, -87] Hearing his apology through his own voice, I feel his sincerity

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