BTS Jungkook ranked #1 in “Idol you want to play with”

BTS Jungkook ranked #1 in "Who is the idol you want to play with?"

BTS Jungkook ranked #1 on the idol chart, “Who is the idol you want to play with?” from 22nd to 28nd

A total of 10,576 people participated in the questionnaire and Jungkook recorded a total of 7422 votes (more than 70% of the votes). Followed by Park Ji-hoon (2325 votes) (22%) and IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura won 720 votes (7%).

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1.[+210, -0] Jungkook is good at playing games but I’m not good at playing games. I will study hard from now on;

2. [+154, -4] Jungkook, I want to play a game with you. <3<3<3

3. [+135, -0] If it’s BTS Jungkook, I want to do it all together.

4. [+102, -0] I want to be with you ~^^<3<3<3

5. [+95, -0] Is there anything that BTS Jungkook can’t do? I will be happy to play together.

6. [+17, -0] There’s nothing BTS Jungkook can’t do.

7. [+12, -0] Who can be good at everything like BTS Jungkook

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