BTS Jungkook, updated his SNS with a game video on the day of his car accident?

This past week, Big Hit Entertainment revealed Jungkook had been the cause of a small car accident on November 4, and he and the victim have already settled on an agreement.

However, netizens noticed social media posts from Jungkook on the same day of the accident, which media outlets are reporting to be October 31 at 4AM KST. One post on a community site under the title “Jungkook posted a game video on social media on the day of his car accident” and shared the image below from BTS’s Twitter of “JK” playing the PC game Overwatch.

original post: naver

1. [+731, -341] Jungkook fans, please don’t check more, please shut up. It was October 31ㅋㅋ MBC News also said that it was October 31

2. [+481, -219] Jungkook fans, please stay still this time .. Articles continue to be published because of your comments.. If you want to protect the singer, you need to stay still.

3. [+534, -296] I feel sorry for the rest of Bangtan members. They’re being scolded by people, I feel bad for them.

4. [+341, -122] I need an accurate statement from himself or his agency. And Bangtan’s fandom image was seriously damaged due to the behavior of some Jungkook fans. If you have any thoughts on the other 6 members besides Jungkook, please be quiet.

5. [+176, -76] I wonder how long Jungkook’s fans are going to shut their eyes and shield him.

6. [+163, -71] Jungkook-ah, you don’t come to Twitter often, so why did you come to Twitter that day???

7. [+170, -80] Jungkook fans, please face reality. The more you deny reality, the more you harm the singer. Just stay still.

8. [+171, -83] I don’t think this is true. No matter how much they admit his carelessness and agree to it amicably, it’s not really true that he did SNS.

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