BTS Jungkook tattoos from ‘Run BTS’

original post: theqoo

1. Well, he got more tattoos than I thought

2. The eye tattoo looks terrifying…

3. He has succeeded in transforming the image he wants… Congratulations

4. First of all, the tattoos are not pretty, and also, they are scary ㅠ What a pity!! I wonder if he’s addicted to tattoos

5. Jungkook, who has tattoos on his arm, is so good at cooking on ‘Run BTS’, and his face is also so handsome, clean, cute and full of charm. The comments here show how great a superstar Jungkook is. There are over 2,000 comments under the post about an idol’s tattoo. As expected, only Jeon Jungkook could

6. Jungkook’s tattoos are so meaningful because they engrave everything that is important to Jungkook, contain his beliefs, his admiration and love for music, but why are you guys so noisy?

7. I know it’s his own freedom, but I don’t think idols have that many tattoos

8. Why are you guys so noisy? Let’s live while doing what we want to do

9. But looking at the comments about tattoos of a celebrity like this, it seems that BTS is really popular

10. Honestly, it’s too offensive, it doesn’t suit Jungkook’s image

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