BTS Jungkook, ‘under-the-table advertising’ controversy… A netizen complained to the Fair Trade Commission

A netizen said that Jungkook had a stake in the stocks for Six6uys, but he had worn the brand’s clothes on broadcasts. This leads to the manipulation of profits due to his influence

original post: theqoo

1. Wow, how can you hate someone so much; You are wasting your life

2. Why is this controversial…? Isn’t he allowed to wear whatever he wants? Let’s sue that netizen

3. There are a lot of crazy people in the world. I hope Jungkook gets better

4. No, it’s not an advertisement, he was just wearing those clothes, so why is this controversial?

5. Leave Jungkook alone….

6. Can’t he wear his brother’s brand clothes? During Vlive, he didn’t say a word about those clothes

7. Our Jungkook can’t even wear the clothes he wants to wear.. I think it’s the weirdest I’ve ever seen

8. What kind of clothes should Jungkook wear?

9. I don’t think he did this.. He has a lot of money

10. The antis are trying so hard to create and spread rumors