The diary of a Big Hit trainee wrote after he came to America to study dance

The diary of an ordinary trainee and maknae’s dance practice in the US [Jungkook’s title]

Hello this is Jeon Jungkookie. Hehe
This is the first time I am revealed on the blog, so I’m nervous.

I came here because I wanted to show you the photos I took last year during July and August when I went to the US to study dance.

Now that I look at these photos I realise how young I was. These days I’m more handsome than what you see on the photos below. Hehe

To become the dancer Jeon Jungkookie, I went to study dance in Los Angeles for about a month.

This is a photo I took after getting off the plane. I look tired.

It was the first time in my life getting on a plane. I think the plane ride took 12-13 hours.

On the way to the dorms, the view was too pretty, so we stopped the car to take a photo.

On the first day, I remember receiving about 2-3 dance lessons, but compared to what I had imagined, the dance lessons weren’t that difficult.

But from the second lesson on I started to have a mental breakdown.

And I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Compared to the first lesson it was harshness on a completely different level!!

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I went to a Korean restaurant close to the dorm, ate breakfast and left.

I think it’s because I could eat Korean food at that place that I didn’t get homesick.

I received a lot of lessons so I often needed to change clothes, so I had to go to the laundromat 1-2 a week.

Actually it was a bit annoying.. ^^;

We went to some art gallery to see an exhibition and there were no people on the stairs so I did a cool Nike pose and took a photo!

Hahahahhahah I think it looks really cool!!

This is the choreography I learnt when I first started learning choreographed dancing. I got a lot wrong in the later parts so I’m a bit embarrassed. Heheheh

Looking at this and then the practice video uploaded a few days ago I think I improved a lot hehe

That’s MOVEMENT LIFE STYLE. It’s the place where I received my lessons.~

Since I happened to arrive very early before the lesson there wasn’t anyone there.

I bought the skateboard in the states and started skateboarding for the first time!!

Of course to end my article: Nike 2!!!!!!!!

Source – Bangtan blog

tmi: I went to America and suddenly I didn’t want to debut in BTS and I wanted to be a dancer. I just want to dance. So the members bought ice cream to convince me.


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1. ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Golden Maknae almost becomes a dancer.

2. At that time he was too young, he was so cute to say so ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

3. I feel sorry that now I know this.

4. I’m glad he didn’t become a dancer and now he’s our golden maknae.

5. Thank you for not becoming a dancer and debuting in BTS.

6. Thanks to Jimin for persuading him, I also appreciated that he was convinced by the ice cream.

7. Does Big Hit regularly send trainees to the US? Great. They are investing in trainees.

8. He tells the story really perfect.

9. He may not have debuted if he decided to become a dancer at the time. Thank you for being our golden maknae and thank you for helping me cry.

10. He’s cute and cool …

11. At that time, how old was he? 16 years old? 17 years old? He looks like a so cute baby. Now he really grew up a lot.

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