BTS Jungkook’s solo song ‘Euphoria’ reappears on the iTunes chart ‘exceeded 60M stream on Spotify in the shortest time’

BTS Jungkook's Euphoria set a new record on Spotify

On May 10, ‘Euphoria‘ passed 60M stream on Spotify after 258 days of release. This is the shortest time for a BTS solo song to reach this milestone, breaking the previous record.

On May 5 and 6, Jungkook brought a live performance at tens of meters.

After the concert, ‘Euphoria‘ has reappeared on the iTunes America, UK and Australia charts. In Australia, the song jumped to #8, up 112 steps.

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1.[+1192, -168] I think it’s a great song! Despite the lack of a music video and a late release of the song, the song stood 7 months on the Melon Chart, exceeding 60M stream on Spotify and continued to return to the Apple Chart after the concert! In particular, the songwriter praised Jungkook, so it was the best achievement for a voice! I want to hear Jungkook’s voice. His voice is awesome, the notes are accurate. It makes my ears more comfortable. I guess that’s why the collaboration or cover song was so successful!

2. [+741, -86] Euphoria, I’m very happy with the voice of BTS Jungkook and the Euphoria melody.!!! Congratulations, we’ve reached 60 million.

3. [+557, -76] BTS Jungkook’s Euphoria is the best solo song

4. [+530, -58] I think Euphoria is a song that’s consistently loved~~ Maybe it’s a great melody from Jungkook

5. [+518, -52] This tour is spreading. It was so ecstatic. At first, I was worried about it. It must be safe…?!?!?! It was so cool and they were so good at the live broadcast!!!! #Euphoria #JUNGKOOK

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