BTS’ main vocalist Jungkook’s live singing skills

Name of the song: The Truth Untold

Dreamy beautiful melody, a delicate voice and cool performances
Jungkook always conveys the feeling of the song so well, especially his voice is always stable

original post: theqoo

1. He sings well, he’s handsome, he’s good at everything

2. Our prince sings so well ♡

3. Jungkook sings so well. He’s the most perfect idol I’ve ever seen

4. Jungkook who’s really good at everything

5. There’s nothing Jungkook can’t do, he’s just perfect

6. Even when he sings without backing music, he sings live so well ㅜㅠ Beauty, body, dance, vocals, entertainment skills, he has it all…

7. Jungkook’s vocals stand out in songs like Euphoria, Who, and 00:00. Jungkook’s vocals fit well with pop songs.. I love Jungkook’s voice

8. The volume is good, the timbre is good and seems to be always stable while singing

9. Jungkook sang this song live without any backing music

10. I’m not a BTS fan, but I always listen to Jungkook’s ‘If You’ cover… His voice is so delicate

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