BTS, Official European Countries Chart

BTS 'Map of the Soul: Persona', Official Ranking of European countries

#1 United Kingdom
#5 Italy
#3 Germany
#5 France
#6 Irish
#2 Netherlands
#1 Scotland
#2 Sweden
#3 Belgium
#3 Norway

It is not iTunes;

Surprisingly, the European conquest was surprised by the UK rankings,

During a tour of the upcoming stadium, there will be 2 days in the UK at Wembley Stadium and 2 days at the French Stadium.

original post: theqoo

1.I’m very surprised by the third place in Belgium

2. They are becoming more famous in Europe … Congratulations BTS

3. BTS is conquering everywhere in the world.

4. It is worth mentioning that the American press called them the most popular male music group on the planet.

5. Europe .. Wow
They ranked #1 in Scotland, I don’t feel real ㅋ

6. That’s the album chart

7. BTS is amazing…

8. I don’t feel real because the growth rate is too fast.

9. I’m really proud of you

10. Belgium is a racist country, and the 3rd place is really great.

11. They conquered Europe. BTS is really great.

12. The world’s top male music group

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