BTS Jimin Mattel dolls, overwhelming sales rate on the first day

BTS Mattel dolls, Jimin shows his amazing effect
BTS Mattel dolls, Jimin shows his amazing effect

original post: naver

1. [+1071, -101] I bought a Mattel doll of BTS Jimin, too. I think we should have a contest to see how we can decorate this doll. Our Jimin is really famous. Jimin is always the best!

2. [+829, -41] BTS Jimin! It’s Jimin’s effect, too.Today is also a great day. I love you, Jimin.

3. [+732, -40] I got on the waiting list at 10 p.m. yesterday, so I got 2 items of BTS Jimin from Mattel. Jimin has a very stylish fashion that makes you want to buy them.

4. [+630, -32] BTS Jimin has great influence! Everything, from cheap to luxury brands related to Jimin, is sold out. If I buy a doll, I want to change clothes. Is it possible?

5. [+121, -16] If Jimin does, it becomes a trend.

6. [+107, -13] The influence of BTS Jimin is so great. These days, the term “Jimin effect” is real. Jimin, I always support you.

7. [+69, -9] Please write a lot of BTS members.

8. [+60, -10] BTS, our Jimin!! Awesome! The Jimin effect is amazing.

9. [+58, -10] BTS’ Jimin is amazing! Influence! I’ll cheer you on. Love you.

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