BTS answered the question, “What is the reason for BTS success?”

BTS members share their thoughts on "BTS succeeds only thanks to SNS"

“SNS is a huge part for our success. But the fact that we did everything possible at that time.

Some people said “We succeeded just bc of SNS” but truthfully we thought of many ways to make ourselves known, and others said, “Why do that?”
A lot of people tried to stop us
…but we still worked hard. At first there was a lot of talk about “why are they using that particular platform?” but the difference comes from who is using it and how it’s being used, not this platform is better than others.”

In different industries analyzed the secrets and economic values of BTS. There are many factors such as great music, communication with the youth, and friendly SNS communication.

“I have received this question a number of times and it seems that I have answered more than 200 times as a representative. I send sincere compliments to the leader, producer Bang Shik Hyuk. We started as hip-hop group and PD feels that we need to communicate with society. We are really rappers who can do that and some of us have performance skills.

The big keyword of BTS, I think the secret of success is ‘serious + skill’. Sincerity is seen in the eyes of the public. However, some people only pay attention to the fact that we communicate via SNS. More importantly, we are singers, so the quality of music and performances must be good. With that in mind, we want to tell you the truth, the message, so we communicate more via SNS.”

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1.Sincerity and skill!!

2. They are very good at their work, so I watched the video on stage and became a fan.

3. At that time, the members’ sincerity and affection for the fans made them try their best in every stage. SNS is just one factor in their success.

4. The more you know, the better you see them. They always do their best and seriously. When they are difficult, they think about how hard they lived and how they fell before the difficulties happened. It also makes sense for the unusual bond between fans and artists. ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

5. If SNS is a factor, that’s true. Nobody denies that. But by the way, people say they use SNS well.

6. They cann’t be famous thanks to SNS without stage skills.

7. That is not the main factor for their success, but regular contact with fans and much content through it is a success factor.

8. BTS communicates with fans through SNS a lot, but basically, BTS members have good skills, very good stage and energetic members. People are not idiots to admire someone if they don’t have good skills or music.

9. Nam Joon is really good at speaking

10. In Western countries, people do not analyze SNS as the first success factor of BTS, but mainly Korea, Japan and media. But then, Korea analyzed more specifically and published more in-depth articles and changed a lot but Japan still SNS.

11. I think SNS is only successful if supported by their skills. If you listen to BTS music, you can say what you want to say in BTS lyrics.

12. If they only succeed thanks to SNS, why not other groups? Fans are not idiots …

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