BTS members sold some shares of their agency HYBE… Worth about 10 billion won

Jin sold 16,000 shares at 302,688 won/share on October 19

J-Hope sold 5,601 shares at 333,063 won/share on October 22

RM sold 10,385 shares from October 13 to November 9

original post: theqoo

1. I think they sold their shares because they needed cash

2. I bet the people who own the HYBE shares will be furious

3. The members aren’t even managers, why are they being cursed for selling their shares?

4. Wow… Young & Rich & Handsome…

5. I don’t understand the stock market, so I don’t know why they sold their stock, but I feel like something is about to happen

6. I’m jealous ㅠㅠㅠ They’re Young and Rich

7. The share price of HYBE is falling. Everyone is running away

8. But why don’t the other members sell their shares? I’m really curious even though I know that no one here knows

9. I’m jealous, they made a lot of money, but they even made 10 billion won from shares

10. I think BTS should sell all their shares and leave the company