BTS members with 7 different fashion styles

1. Jin
College student style neat, clean and warm
Favorites: Jeans, Thom Browne, cap, pink

2. RM
He was dressed in monotonous style until 2015, but since 2016, he has changed his color style a lot more.
Pursuing modern style or ethnic style
Favorites – Different brands

3. Suga
Cool style or sometimes cute style
Favorite – hats, wool hats, long pants, jeans, plaid

4. J-Hope
Real celebrity style or boyfriend
Favorites: Small bags, gloves, watch, hats, sneaker, sandals, jackets, sweaters, glasses

5. Jimin
Feeling clean style is basic
Favorites: Trousers, crossbody bags, boots, plaid shirt, oversized styles

6. V
Cool style and sexy
Favorites: Braces, berets, coats, shoes, necktie, shirts, glasses, vest, unique pattern

7. Jungkook
Simple style like college students or 20s
Favorites: Hoodie, canon bags, jackets, shirts, boots, backpack

When 7 people like this meet

original post: theqoo

1. The styles are different but everyone has good proportions

2. My hobby is Jin and Suga

3. Oh, I should consult it

4. Jungkook looks like a college student.

5. I like Jimin’s style, so I bought his same items, but I’m not Jimin … so they don’t suit me

6. I like the style of Jin, Suga and Jimin.

7. Seokjin’s clothes are my style

8. I like the style of Jin and Jungkook

9. 7 people 7 different colors. Everything is good. My hobbies are Jin’s simple clothes, but I think RM looks good and dynamic, and J-Hope dressed nicely.

10. My hobby is RM’s style!

11. I like V’s style because it’s stylish.

12. Jin’s style is simple, but it looks good because of his face and body.