BTS’ military service benefits are almost nullified… The Ministry of National Defense and the Military Manpower Administration disagree

However BTS received the Hwagwan Order of Culture, equivalent a 5th grade order of cultural merit, they can postpone their enlistment until the age of 30

original post: theqoo

1. They got Daesang in the US this time, right?ㅠㅠ It’s a pity, but I think we can set a new standard, they are the ones who promote our country through their musical activities.. I think they deserve to be exempt from military service

2. BTS and their fans say they will enlist, but others think they want to be exempt from military service

3. Anyway they can do their activities as a unit. They say they will enlist, so why are you worrying about BTS being exempt from military service or not?

4. I don’t know much about BTS, but looking at how they promote national prestige, I think they did much better than some of the Korean diplomats

5. BTS says they will enlist… Please leave BTS alone

6. Anyway, Jin will enlist next year. I don’t think there will be any singers who can compare to BTS in the future, so controversies about exempting artists from military service won’t arise in the future

7. Please leave BTS alone

8. I’m a muggle but BTS promotes national prestige so well, so I support them being exempt from military service

9. Even though I’m not a fan, I feel bad for them and their fans

10. They should be exempt from military service