“Military service exemption for BTS? We need to consider it to reflect the times”

“Military service exemption for Kpop stars will be considered to reflect the times.”

Noh Hyung Wook, head of the National Coordination Department, said during a parliamentary audit of the Politburo Committee of the National Assembly on the 18th that “We will consider cases of exemption from military service for the Kpop stars comprehensively. “

In addition, Kim Byung Wook, the lawmaker of the Democratic Party, emphasized that “Military service should change with the times. K-pop stars should also be placed on special targets.”

I take ‘BTS’ as an example. “BTS has recently ranked No. 1 on the US Billboard charts many times. Their economic impact is worth 5.6 trillion won,” he said.

Therefore, it’s necessary to extend the exception standard. “BTS is the youngest to receive a cultural medal. Their position is recognized by everyone.”

He said, “We can’t ignore pride and economic efficiency through Kpop.”

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1. [+973, -31] Apparently, I saw an article recently that said, “We don’t consider military service exemptions for pop singers.” However, after SuperM ranked #1 on Billboard, there were a few posts that said: “We should look at it positively.” Bangtan is not the only one who will be considered and benefited. But Bangtan is always mentioned in the title of the article. Don’t hide behind Bangtan shield. And most of all, Yoon Sang Geun wrote this article.

2. [+673, -27] On March 29, the Korea Management Association (KMA) held a meeting with high-ranking officials of major agencies to discuss the situation regarding the military enlistment of pop culture artists, the timing of their enlistment and possible alternatives for military service. Officials from SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and Jellyfish Entertainment, etc. attended the meeting. Big Hit didn’t even attend the meeting, but people kept swearing at BTS. Now, after SuperM is No. 1 with bundles, they consider it.

3. [+513, -157] Military service exemptions for BTS is no problem. It’s Korean pride.

4. [+163, -3] You ask questions like that, and you write articles like this? What’s your intention? I’m really curious.

5. [+80, -5] The kids said they will enlist. Why do you keep saying that they don’t want to enlist in the army? You’re trying to prevent military exemptions for idols with the huge Bangtan shield.

6. [+76, -5] SuperM uses bundles to reach No. 1 on Billboard. Why do you suddenly consider it positively? It’s disgusting when you pretend to consider military service exemptions for Bangtan, but Bangtan is not the only beneficiary.

7. [+67, -2] Reporter Yoon Sang Geun. Don’t write articles about BTS. You seem to have aversion to this sensitive issue. BTS is always offended when you write articles like this. We all know what you’ve done.

8. [+46, -1] Reporter Yoon Sang Geun again?? Hey, let’s write the article about your favorite agency. Bangtan is responsible for Bangtan’s work.

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