BTS’ music history

Gaon’s weekly streams ranking

From left to right: Boy In Luv, I NEED U, RUN, FIRE, Blood Sweat & Tears, Spring Day, DNA, Fake Love, The Truth Untold, Boy With Luv

BTS' music history

original post: theqoo

1. Blood Sweat & Tears, Spring Day are my favorite songs

2. Spring Day is a zombie

3. I listen to Spring Day in all seasons

4. BTS songs are released on Friday, so the first week is lower than the other weeks

5. Why did they release their songs on Friday?? Monday or Tuesday is not better?
-> Friday is the most convenient for international charts

6. The Truth Untold is not their title song but it’s ranking is really good

7. Spring Day is not spring anymore, but four seasons.

8. Boy With Luv ranking is really good

9. I like Spring Day … Is Spring Day a zombie?

10. Spring Day is a monster

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