BTS named Billboard’s ‘Top Artist of The Year’ for 2 consecutive years

BTS named Billboard's 'Top Artist of The Year' for 2 consecutive years

BTS is #15 on US Billboard Top Artist of The Year

BTS make a record for being the only korean singer to chart on US Billboard Top Artist on the settlement of the year, chart on #15.

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1. [+944, -6] Congratulations to BTS, who’s the best of all time. Let’s keep the #1 in global sales. It was great that everyone sang the song in Korean during BTS’s performance at Jingle Ball.

2. [+433, -2] I’m so proud of BTS.

3. [+314, -5] BTS is the best artist and group recognized worldwide.

4. [+197, -1] I’m so happy and proud of our Bangtan.

5. [+160, -1] BTS is amazing~^^ I always support you~

6. [+14, -0] It’s really great that Bangtan is the only Korean singer among foreign singers.

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