BTS, mixing suit x hanbok is crazy … National prestige of Korea

BTS promotes Korean traditions by combining suit and hanbok

BTS members in the photos show perfect look with Korean traditional beauty and modern by mixing and combining suits and hanboks. The reaction of global fans is hot.

BTS promotes Korean traditions by combining suit and hanbok
BTS promotes Korean traditions by combining suit and hanbok

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1. [+1568, -425] Exemption of military service for No. 1 on Bbillboard more than twice, amending the law, has there been any Koreans who have promoted national prestige like this? They’re the best.

2. [+700, -14] BTS is awesome!! The suit and hanbok go well together.

3. [+302, -47] Bangtan, you look great and the suit and hanbok mix is so good. Among them, Taehyung is so handsome and good at digesting clothes. This Chuseok belongs to their first vacation in 7 years, so I hope they get a good rest.

4. [+216, -7] BTS<3

5. [+157, -4] Wow, the suit and hanbok look really good together.

6. [+36, -3] I think it’s really good that some influential artists put Gugak in their songs or wear hanbok like this.

7. [+33, -1] Hanbok is good not only for old times and historical dramas, but also for modern times. It’s nice that Hanbok was created naturally to add practicality so that we can wear it everyday. In the exhibition of high-end craftworks, some people explain their work in an improved hanbok, which makes them look more artistic. It’s good to see BTS introducing Hanbok to the world.^^ BTS’ music also has traditional Korean instruments, which are very pleasant. When foreign fans listen to their songs and ask questions, they are very happy to learn.

8. [+39, -10] I want you to give them military exemption. The first male celebrity that I thought about this. Not just because fans want it, but all the music and sports industries are exempt if they achieve certain success. Honestly, have you ever had an entertainer who promotes national prestige as good as BTS? I know ARMYs don’t like to talk about military exemption, but BTS deserves it.

9. [+25, -5] Military exemption. I don’t think it’s possible. Please take all public services or you can shorten their military service. It would be good for Korea if BTS comes out soon, the number of foreigners coming to Korea will increase every year because of BTS. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism should be concerned about the country’s interests rather than military service.

10. [+19, -1] It’s one of the small fishing villages that we don’t know. BTS has filmed music video here and many fans are coming to this small fishing village. Even foreigners are coming to this small townㅋㅋㅋ BTS is the national treasure.

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