BTS protects Korean cultural heritages

Initially only English subtitles were provided
It is said that subtitles in 5 languages were provided for this video
The broadcast content is Geunjeongjeon, Gyeongbokgung Palace, King Sejong, and more

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1. It was not such an intentional video. Don’t burden the kids

2. I’m glad that only Korea has BTS

3. As expected~~~ Our BTS are wonderful young people~~~ This is the pride of Korea~~~~~

4. They have a lot of fans in many countries, so they provide subtitles in 5 languages.. This is normal..

5. Stop it … BTS are not politicians, they are singers

6. Don’t burden BTS

7. You just have to say that it’s good for promoting our cultural heritages. But what the hell are you talking about?

8. Whether intentionally or not, it is true that our culture is being promoted a lot thanks to BTS

9. I’m not a fan, but nonetheless it’s good that BTS introduces our culture…

10. BTS is the best!

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