BTS reaches highest ever album sales on Gaon Chart by selling 3.71 million copies ‘New record’

BTS reaches highest ever album sales on Gaon Chart

BTS’s ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA’ becomes the best-selling album on Gaon Chart’s history, selling 3.71 million copies over the past year.

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1. [+522, -1] “7” seems to be selling more

2. [+378, -1] It’s the first album in the Kpop industry. We expect our new album to be released next month to break the record. BTS, who writes not only domestic records but also overseas records. I hope this Grammy performance will come true. I want to see BTS that will stand on the Grammy as the winner next year.

3. [+246, -1] BTS breaks the record of BTS~

4. [+157, -1] Each album is a masterpiece ㅠㅠㅠ BTS, let’s make a big comeback together.

5. [+106, -1] We expect BTS’s comeback to break the record

6. [+21, -0] The reason why I buy CDs in the streaming market is because their albums are really worth it ㅠㅠ At first, I had no intention of buying an album. But the consolation I received from listening to their album was so great. After all, I bought all their albums.

7. [+18, -0] It’s my first time to buy an idol album at the age of 30~ ~ They’re singers who broke my preconceived notions~ ~ I love their songs~~^^

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