BTS recruits global official fanclub members starting from the 15th ‘Recruitment regularly’

BTS recruits global fanclub members, Korean fans are dissatisfied

BTS announced the recruitment guide for “Global official fanclub ARMY membership” in fan cafe and SNS channel on the 15th.

Fanclub members will receive various benefits such as membership cards, member kits, lottery tickets for BTS Korean concerts, opportunities to participate in open broadcasts, exclusive content for fanclub.

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1. [+353, -45] What the hell is going on? Are you saying that you want to leave only valid Japan and transfer all Korean fans to global fanclub? I don’t understand what you’re doing…

2. [+240, -41] Stop treating Japan in a special way and take care of tired Korean fans.

3. [+186, -36] Let’s get rid of regular recruiting.

4. [+136, -10] Why Korean fanclub = Global fanclub? Japanese Army has Japanese fanclub and concerts are held more than 8 times per year. Why should Korean fans only compete with global fans and we can’t even buy tickets like before because we are bound to global fanclub? Literally, if it is a global fanclub, please give us the right to pre-book and lottery tickets for overseas concerts and Korean concerts. Or you can limit the membership of Army members in Japan. BTS is a Korean singer and I don’t know why Koreans have trouble trying to meet BTS.

5. [+114, -10] I was wondering why. Why do you recruit separately in Japan? A friend said that he could join the global fanclub, and I heard that this guy is managed by a Japanese fanclub, right? So now Japan is the official fanclub, global fanclub and Korean fanclub work together. Wow, in this situation, BTS is a Japanese group.

6. [+97, -5] I’m not trying to be racist. It’s not fair. Japan has 8 concerts that only they can come, so why can’t we go there, and why do we have to compete with them even if there are only a few concerts in the country? Japan’s announcement said: “When performing in Korea, order tickets in advance and lottery.” Why do you give them our benefits? Except Japan, where there was a fanclub. Or give us a lottery ticket for the concert in Japan. BTS is a Korean singer, so do it for our official fanclub in Korea. Not global. Or as limited as in Japan, only Korean people can go to BTS concerts in Korea.

7. [+99, -11] I don’t think you’re thinking about what happens when you recruit people all the time. When registering very easily, the number of tickets you issue for Army is unchanged and fans will be hard to get tickets. I don’t want to compare, but I can’t even tell you that it’s divided into two groups, Japan and global. BTS is a Korean singer, but Korea is included in the global list. Please work.

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