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Fans have been calling for subtitles for years, but Bang Si Hyuk’s recent remarks at ASEAN-ROK have added fuel to the fire. While talking about BTS’s reach Bang Si Hyuk touched on how translations by “global audiences” have helped shape BTS into “The Beatles of the YouTube generation”.

“Global audiences have become fanatical about the music videos where Korean singers sing in Korean language and dance. Globally, the lyrics, dialogues and messages of BTS are translated and shared worldwide, which has made BTS into The Beatles of the YouTube generation and a hero at the periphery. Conversely, the success of BTS has proved the existence and value of YouTube technology.” – Bang Si Hyuk

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1. I don’t know anything else, but it’s not difficult to write English subtitles and it’s easy to translate them into other languages.

2. I think they will ask Big Hit to add subtitles in all languages if Big Bit adds English subtitles. If you like singers in other countries, you shouldn’t expect this.

3. When I fangirl on overseas artists, I don’t even think about the Korean translation of free content. But I want the Korean translation of paid content.

4. Big Hit just adds English subtitles with paid content.

5. I thought they did subtitles everything in English? But if they’re this popular overseas, shouldn’t they have subtitles for their content?

6. It’s worth noting that a singer with a large fandom abroad like Bangtan has no English subtitles…? To be honest, Big Hit should add English subtitles. The company can totally do this. That’s reasonable and understandable when overseas fans ask for subtitles because it’s better that they have to learn Korean.

7. Hmm … I don’t know. But they’re popular all over the world right now … I think so.

8. Damn… Even other YouTubers would find ways to add subtitles to their videos, but you’re telling me they can’t with over 100 employees?

9. How dare they..? When I like artists overseas, I try hard to learn English so I can talk to fans of other countries and I’ve never been to their companies to ask for stuff like this.

10. What content is listed here? Is all the content? I wonder

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