“With Jimin” BTS RM enjoys a break amidst busy schedule

BTS RM Jimin enjoys a break amidst busy schedule
BTS RM Jimin enjoys a break amidst busy schedule
BTS RM Jimin enjoys a break amidst busy schedule

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1.[+982, -48] Looking good~~ ㅎㅎ Is there any other idol without any scandal or attitude controversies like BTS? The more famous they get, the closer to their roots they stay, and remain respectful and caring of each other. I like that they take care of each other~!!

2. [+718, -33] Both are cute~♡♡

3. [+690, -20] I wish they’ll take a break every chance they get no matter how busy they are. Stay strong until your comeback, fighting♡

4. [+83, -0] There’s no chance for scandal because they were all educated well by their families with healthy mindsets… Isn’t it obvious? It’s clear that all of the members had a positive upbringing. They’re warm, kind people… and they don’t have a member to taint the waters. No room for a scandal in a group like that.

5. [+80, -1] Seeing BTS cleanses my eyes and heart after reading about that trash who scams, does drugs, and drinks with women by his side in luxury clubs. BTS donates frequently, stays humble, and never forgets their roots.

6. [+64, -0] Healing my soul here after being shocked while reading other news

7. [+63, -3] Even their vacations seem so wholesome

8. [+57, -0] I remember their sasaeng said they felt bad for them because all they do is practice, perform overseas, practice again ㅜㅜ The kids just genuinely seem good and wholesome at heart.

9. [+56, -1] These guys make all sorts of money and still don’t own any sports cars. They ride bikes and spend their time taking walks with other members… their character is just…

10. [+52, -0] BTS has seriously built up so many years of experience as idols and yet they still post frequently on their official cafe and think of their fans. It may sound easy but it’s definitely not. They do a lot of charity donations as a group but also on their individual birthdays, which influences their fans in a positive way to give back as well. They’re not just idols but humans to learn a lot from. I wish them happiness in their music and with their fans!

11. [+51, -1] I know I shouldn’t compare but after seeing the celebrity news ranking filled with articles about a criminal idol, it’s so different reading news about this group preparing for their comeback and enjoying wholesome activities on their break. There’s a reason they’re worldwide superstars. It’s always the tryhard famous ones that start drinking with women in clubs so I’m really proud to see BTS act more cautious and more careful the bigger their influence grows.

12. [+44, -0] With the news filled with articles about an idol pimping and prostituting… to hear about a top idol group still riding bikes along the Han River… and relieving their stress not with women at the clubs but taking walks, dancing, painting, and making videos… is so innocent.

13. [+44, -1] I noticed that they spend all their breaks going on domestic vacations, art exhibits, riding bikes, taking walks in the Seoul Forest or by the Han River, escape rooms, fishing… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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