BTS RM, Exhibition -> Walking in the park … Travel itinerary in Europe for 9 days

BTS RM enjoys culture and art during his vacation in Europe

RM rode a bike in Vienna to see the city, visited the Albertina Museum and went to Copenhagen.

He enjoyed the holiday by enjoying the streets on the bus and walking in the park.

BTS RM enjoys culture and art during his vacation in Europe

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1. [+183, -1] RM~

2. [+142, -1] What a nice guy!

3. [+100, -1] Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS. I’m glad you had a great vacation.Thank you for sharing the video.

4. [+97, -0] A perfect vacation for Namjoon~!! I think it was a precious time for a young man in his 20s to travel with friends, see good things, talking, remember the good things they see and create beautiful memories. I always cheer for RM!!

5. [+48, -3] That’s cool.

6. [+15, -0] Bangtan RM is so cool … I noticed him from his English speech at the United Nations, he’s not like a typical idol! I really respect him!

7. [+15, -0] The more I see leader Bangtan RM, the more I feel elegant. His cultural and artistic enjoyment life is worthy of respect and learning. Namjoon~ What a wonderful person!

8. [+11, -0] I was so happy to be able to see art, beautiful scenery and even Kim Namjoon. This was the first time I felt admiration and respect for someone in their twenties. Our leader RM.

9. [+11, -0] He’s good at music. He’s intelligent. Great Leader RM

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