Male idol who often wears Japanese street brand clothes

VISVIM is a Japanese street fashion brand
BTS RM often wears this brand’s clothes.

RM wears this brand’s kimono in Persona Trailer

Wear this brand’s kimono jacket.

Going to Japan is inevitable, but I wonder if he has to dress like that.

It’s bad that he wore Japanese kimono all the time despite the Japanese brand being boycotted.

original post: theqoo

1. All happened before boycott ..! And he often wears a jacket and that’s not a kimono!

2. Please see the comments ^^ All these photos before boycott

3. But I think it’s better to be careful right now.

4. ? I think you’re overdoing it. Do you have UNIQLO products in your home? There are members in the same group wearing hanbok that look comfortable but they are used in Japanese political news.

5. It looks more like a cloak than a kimono.

6. It’s not a kimono and all these photos before boycott. Do you swear that you have never used a Japanese brand product before boycotting Japan?

7. I don’t think that’s a problem because he wore it before boycotting …

8. This is another story. Children’s shoes? Did he buy for his niece or his family???
-> Namjoon likes cute things, so he bought them to decorate his studio!

9. Did you know that if you provide false information, you are responsible for it? Know and write accurate information.

10. Do you throw away all the clothes you bought before boycotting? He wore it before boycotting, so stop criticizing him.

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