BTS RM’s letter has just been posted on Weverse

“The year 2020 is passing.

This was the year when everyone’s expectations that seemed special were brutally laughed at. The stage without an audience, the stage without cheers… Does that make sense? Is it logical? I repeatedly brooded over these thoughts as I sat in the same studio and the waiting room yesterday and even the day before yesterday. I thought, ‘the world where nonsense makes sense has come.’

I’ve thoughtlessly become accustomed to the lethargic feeling just like how water seeps into the cracks between the rocks. I tried to resist everything that symbolizes frustration and felt like I need to get out of my seat with gusto, but there were fingers pointed at me telling me to stay still and stay at the same place. I tried reading books, tried various things, starting with the Ontact. I tried home training and ordered food to eat. This was the year that we continuously tried to do everything that we can in this small room. And it’s still in continuation.

Still, time passed in one way or another as the world went on.

This year that seemed that will never pass had gone by, and people are waiting for spring. We wonder, ‘would spring really come, will the spring that actually feels like spring come?’ Still, we are people who ultimately gain the strength to stand again through the small strand of hope, even if we didn’t want to be disappointed after expectation. I once again realize the truth that there are many people who have shown their love and affection towards us in this cold winter and tell myself I will not be broken again.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Namjoon, poet of the century. Happy New Year

2. Namjoon, thank you ㅠ And let’s do well in 2021

3. I was comforted by BTS in 2020, Namjoon is awesome. We have no choice but to love BTS. Thank you

4. I sincerely hope that someone can collect the letters Namjoon has posted and published into a book

5. Really impressive

6. He has deep thoughts and writes well

7. Kim Namjoon, I hope you can release a book in the future…

8. Kim Namjoon is my ideal type

9. I love Namjoon💜 I’m always touched and comforted by the letters Namjoon wrote

10. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts and feelings ㅠㅠ

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