BTS ‘Singularity’ surpassed 100 million views, the 20th MV reached 100 million views

BTS 'Singularity' surpassed 100 million views

BTSSingularity‘ surpassed 100 million views after 1 year and 12 days.

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1.[+952, -35] Congratulations to 100 million views of BTS.

2. [+700, -21] The new history of K-pop and BTS’ solo song “Singularity” !! Be selected by ARMY as a stage to watch before dying. The new version of BTS’s “Singularity Live” will shock global moms!!! Congratulations to 100 million views. I’m very happy to think about the difficult times you have faced.

3. [+521, -16] BTS V ‘Singularity’ 100 million views, congratulations.

4. [+423, -14] 100 million views, Congratulations BTS V ‘Singularity’

5. [+391, -15] 100 million views. It’s a famous solo song.

6. [+84, -0] The shortest time to reach 100 million views for solo song. Great.

7. [+69, -0] Singularity by BTS! I was proud of the rave reviews and figures from all over the world! Singularity, a masterpiece called “R&B soul and jazz” is the shortest period of 100 million views. Congratulations.

8. [+64, -0] BTS is breaking all the records. They’re getting the good end back like this. I’m realizing my life. Genius BTS~ Our world’s most charming singer is the best. They are so impressed.

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