Melon chart situation at 8 am today

BTS songs' situation on Melon chart today

Idol albums may be popular, but

BTS songs' situation on Melon chart today

It’s surprising that it has been maintained for nearly 2 months since its releaseㅋㅋ

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1. So jealous

2. Is it because of BTS’s concert on YouTube yesterday? I think it’s the effect

3. Why are fans suddenly working hard?

4. I’m proud of our fandom

5. I’m sick of this

6. This is why I don’t like using Melon

7. Fans are Melon users.. They listen to these songs because they like them, why are you guys so angry?

8. If this continues, people will skip Melon chart from now on..

9. I don’t think much, I don’t even care about charts because I only listen to my favorite playlists

10. I hate this so much

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