BTS members’ comments about ‘BTS success thanks to SNS’

“A lot of analysis on why BTS is so popular
Some people think, ‘SNS is the main cause’

I can say that is definitely wrong. BTS considers music, performances and messages to be the most important. We focus on that and think a lot. I think that’s why many people love and care about BTS.”

SNS is a huge part for our success.

But the fact that we did everything possible at that time.

Some people said “We succeeded just bc of SNS” but truthfully we thought of many ways to make ourselves known,

and others said, “Why do that?”
A lot of people tried to stop us … but we still worked hard.

At first there was a lot of talk about “why are they using that particular platform?”

but the difference comes from who is using it and how it’s being used, not this platform is better than others.”

original post: theqoo

1. When starting BTS almost used all SNS platforms, even blogs …. A platform close to fans? But the main reason is that they are always sincere and funny. Their stage is good and their music is good, and the members are friendly with each other.

2. But the public knows BTS through SNS. One day I woke up and saw news about BTS spreading around the world. I don’t know why.

3. No idol group does not use SNS, so what is BTS’s secret of using SNS? If you don’t have talent and good music, you’ll never be famous only with SNS.

4. Using good SNS is a factor of success, but not all, but people who think that SNS is all about BTS success is ridiculous. If you are a person in the music industry , you can never create a successful group like BTS with only analysis and confidence thanks to such SNS.

5. Based on their skills and their attitudes towards fans

6. Where are idol groups who don’t use SNS these days?

7. However, it seems certain that SNS is a means to approach more fans with your ability and charm. Of course, their skills and music are the main cause of their success.

8. That’s because BTS is BTS. I really sympathize when they say that it is a difference between who and how to use it.

9. After I became a BTS fan, I started creating SNS accounts. There are many fans like me.

10. Not because of anyone or SNS, it’s a combination of skill, charm, effort and luck. I could not find the answer because I was trying to find each answer.

11. BTS is a major factor for BTS success

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