BTS Suga, LA Dodgers’ game … Ryu Hyun Jin “Big star here”

BTS Suga meets Korean baseball star Ryu Hyun Jin

On May 7, BTS’ Suga attended the LA Dodgers’ game at Dodger Stadium for which Ryu Hyun Jin was pitching.

Suga met with pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin and uploaded a photo of them together on Twitter.

The photo is captioned with, “Congratulations on the shutout!”.

BTS Suga meets Korean baseball star Ryu Hyun Jin

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1.[+418, -1] I feel he is having a good rest time, so my heart is happy.

2. [+365, -0] I was watching the broadcast because I was a baseball fan. When Ryu Hyun Jin appeared as a batter, they played BTS songs. I can’t concentrate on the game, but it’s fun. Korean athletes abroad. Another top star is cheering for him. Ryu won the game. SUGA is a great cheerleader.

3. [+109, -0] Do whatever you want.

4. [+78, -1] BTS Suga, have a great vacation and enjoy it.

5. [+48, -2] Look like a father and a son, Suga.

6. [+19, -0] It’s been six years since I won the championship. Of course, Ryu did a good job, so it’s a good result. But I’m happy to see the two stars perform well on the day they meet.

7. [+17, -0] In MLB Homepage, Suga, not Ryu Hyun Jin, is in the main line.

8. [+11, -0] Ryu Hyun Jin’s shutout victory on the day Suga attended. I’m sure Yoon-gi was very happy to watch the game.

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