Taehyung at the VIP screening of The Divine Fury

original post: theqoo

1. Wow … He’s so handsome even in reporter’s photos

2. Handsome … but he doesn’t feel hot when wearing that? It’s alright because he’s so handsome.

3. His skin is really good.

4. He is handsome. His shoulders are wide.

5. How could his nose be so high that I could slip on his nose???

6. Coordi can be forgiven thanks to his handsome face.

7. Sometimes he looks like a boy, sometimes he looks like a mature guy. Why is he so handsome and cute?

8. His eyes are really great. Something unique.

9. I’m a fan and I like his style.

10. He is so handsome. Something like a fashion show.

11. I always think beautiful outfits make people look better. But for him, on the contrary, his handsome face makes his outfit look better.

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