“Start and end in Seoul” … BTS’s ‘Love: Yourself: Speak Yourself [THE FINAL]’ Concert with 130,000 ARMYs

October 29 is an emotional day for BTS and ARMY. It’s the day Speak Yourself [The Final], BTS’s 3-day Seoul concert, concluded. It marks the ending of their world stadium tour and the Love Yourself era.

When the group later wrapped up the show, the members appeared emotional and some cried. V said to fans, “You really worked hard while supporting our tour. You could say that the tour was short or that it was long. We’ve seen a lot of ARMY while traveling around the world, and I found that there’s really nothing more beautiful than ARMY. I love you.”

J-Hope said, “We’re now artists who fill up the Olympic Stadium for three days. I feel like we’ve received a lot of love. This is our last stop on the tour. I remember always feeling sad and reluctant to end it when we come to the final moment, but I think this time it will be less so. I’ve felt a lot and learned a lot.”

Jimin commented, “I hope you won’t feel sad today. Instead of being sad, I’m personally so curious and excited to see what we’ll do and how we’ll have fun at our next concert. Because of that, we’ll prepare it quickly.” Jungkook shared that he’s also excited to see what they’ll do next and said, “In return for the energy that you’ve all given us, we’re going to repay you with even more energy for our upgraded next album and concert.”

Suga said, “If there’s a beginning then there’s an end, and if there’s an end then there’s another beginning. I think this concert is another new beginning.”

Jin shared that he’d felt sad when singing his solo song “Epiphany” because he was thinking about how it was the last time he’d do so. “That’s how I was feeling when I was singing, but then at the end when I was up there looking at everyone, I smiled a bit,” he explained. “I thought, ‘Something’s ended’ and ‘I won’t be doing this song anymore,’ and I had mixed emotions because it was both good and sad. And it really hit me suddenly during ‘Mic Drop’ earlier when we did our final goodbyes and performed.”

RM said, “I want to give a round of applause to BTS and ARMY who have endured for the past two and a half years in order to love ourselves.” He stated that although the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour had ended, the path and journey to find ways to love themselves hasn’t ended. He cried as he said, “I wish there was something even better than the word ‘love,’ but I really love you. I’ll keep loving you even more in the future.”


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1. [+1614, -20] I love BTS, good job!

2. [+957, -16] Bangtan is the only group in Korea that can perform concerts on such a large scale. This is a fact!!! It’s amazing. It’s amazing inside the concert hall, but it’s even more amazing outside. It’s the Bangtan festival.

3. [+849, -14] Bangtan is amazing and the best

4. [+701, -8] Wow, the stage really .. really beautiful. No words can describe the greatness of Bangtan

5. [+432, -11] Good job, Bangtan.

6. [+63, -0] I went to see ARMY all over the world because I was curious to see them. I couldn’t help but cry. What is this feeling? Next time, I’d like to join ARMY

7. [+59, -0] I really want to go to Bangtan’s concert in my life.

8. [+47, -1] The scale and service for the fans were so great that I felt the tickets were too cheap. ARMY, BTS, it’s so cold, so be careful to come back home!!

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