<BTS> Translation of an American article related to Grammy

“The Grammys Used BTS As Eye Candy & Everyone Saw Right Through It”


original post: theqoo

1. The Grammys used BTS to increase ratings.. Everyone knows that

2. BTS doesn’t really need Grammy, but Grammy needs BTS, it’s been shown very clearly this time

3. That’s right…

4. I didn’t know that even the Grammy Awards cares about ratings. However, it’s fun to see BTS..

5. The Grammy Awards is not good, but Korean media are not doing well in their role either

6. That’s right, I want BTS to hold a concert at the same time as the Grammy Awards next year

7. But why are there only good articles like this overseas?

8. Why should I see articles about BTS like this not in Korea, but always in the US or overseas articles?

9. But in addition, the Grammy organizers are also trying their best to introduce BTS to the members. From award presenters to interviews and stage. Please, I sincerely hope that sooner or later, the members will focus on BTS rather than the prejudice that they are an Asian boy group..

10. Wow, that’s true.. I wish we had a BTS concert at the same time as the Grammy Awards

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