BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, NCT 127, WINNER Tour Box Scores Updates

Box Scores updated on August 2

Ticket price: 100K won
Audience: 215,500
Ticket sales: 23.5 billion won

NCT 127
9 shows of 37 shows completed
Audience: 56,458
Ticket sales: 8.57 billion won

Red Velvet
9 shows of 19 shows completed
Audience: 29,818
Ticket sales: 4.84 billion won

6 shows of 30 shows completed
Audience: 23,800
Ticket sales: 3.8 billion won

13 shows of 36 shows completed
Audience: 121,286
Ticket sales: 21.3 billion won

40 shows of 62 shows completed
Audience: 1,473,185
Ticket sales: 220 billion won

original post: theqoo

1. And BTS is crazy

2. It’s only 1/3 of BLACKPINK concerts, but it would be great to add all other concerts (US Europe, dome concert, etc.). BLINK says that tickets are also very expensive, BLACKPINK earns a lot of money.

3. 220 billion won??? BTS is crazy

4. But dome concert is really more effective. The number of times is much lower, but the audience and the profitability are higher. Stadium concert can’t be compared.

5. TWICE earned 23 billion won for 5 concerts … daebak

6. That’s 23 billion won for 5 concerts … surely you will earn a lot of money from dome concerts and stadium concerts in Japan …

7. This is ticket sales, right? If you include Goods there, it’s really not a joke.

8. BTS’s ability is surprisingly large and amazing, TWICE is also great.

9. If counting the remaining 22 concerts of BTS, it will exceed 300 billion won

10. BTS is really a wall and BLACKPINK is also highly profitable compared to the number of audience.

11. BTS earns 220 billion won, but I think they earn more money than that. They sell a lot of goods at each of their concerts, and there are still many concerts there, so how much will they earn?