Big Hit Label’s groups BTS, TXT, Seventeen, NU’EST, etc contract expiry date that appears in Big Hit’s stocks report

BTS: 2024
TXT: 2026
Seventeen: 2022
NU’EST: 2022
GFriend: 2021

original post: theqoo

1. I hope all the singers here do better

2. Everyone, please renew the contract!!!!

3. Now, which company is more suitable for BTS than Big Hit? We’ll see BTS for a long time

4. But the title was annoying.. Why was there no GFriend in the title???? They were even merged into Big Hit before both Seventeen and NU’EST;;

5. GFriend’s contract will expire next year. I hope they can renew their contract

6. NU’EST, please be active for a long time

7. I want to meet Seventeen for a long time

8. I wonder why Lee Hyun wasn’t there

9. There are a lot of idiots who want BTS to disband but that won’t happen^^

10. Hull, GFriend has only one year left? I hope everyone will renew the contract