BTS V and Jungkook’s visual are so freaking awesome

Jungkook somehow looks innocent, round and looks like a deer. Meanwhile V looks sharp, bold and looks like a fox.

There is this popular saying no? That V looks like ‘the person that I like’ and Jungkook looks like ‘the person that likes me’. They really suit this saying. Anyway, they are so handsome.

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1. [+136, -2] Are you looking for this?

2. [+103, -1] It’s not easy to look this pretty

3. [+101, -1] Found this a while ago

4. [+55, -0] I can’t be the only victim of this… face attack

5. [+48, -1] My 2 biases

6. [+46, -0] Cute and innocent

7. [+42, -0] I like them dancing next to the centerㅠ

8. [+42, -0] Really amazing

9. [+40, -0] This gap difference is also good~~

10. [+39, -0] It’s not easy to look good with long hair

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