The name of BTS V is sent to Mars … Special gifts from fans

NASA is sending another rover to Mars next year which they named Mars 2020.

While it may be a few years until a human being sets foot on the planet, NASA is offering everyone an opportunity to send their names to our neighboring planet. People from all over the world can add their name to the growing list and get a souvenir boarding pass to Mars.

A ARMY grabbed the chance to send BTS V’s real name “Kim Taehyung” as an early birthday gift to make his name memorable and known for any civilization to find on the red planet.

The rover will carry the name of “Kim Taehyung” among millions of people and is expected to launch on July 2020 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, and arrives on February 18, 2021.


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1. [+1522, -52] The name of BTS V is engraved on Mars … It’s amazing. His fans love is as great as his love for fans.

2. [+1156, -44] The name of BTS V is so great that it should not only be known on Earth, so the hearts of fans want to take it away in the universe. Let’s hope the best for our Taehyung.

3. [+996, -35] BTS V is a talented and heartwarming artist that the world loves. he name of Kim Taehyung is sent to the universe! I’m proud of Kim Taehyung’s name engraved on Mars! I will always support you, Taehyung.

4. [+910, -30] Wow~ It’s great that V’s name is sent to Mars. I’m also so touched by their fans.

5. [+852, -28] BTS V~~ His name is sent to Mars~^^ I’m looking forward to February 18, 2021^^

6. [+117, -1] I think V’s fans are really good at fun and meaningful events. Congratulations Taehyung.

7. [+98, -0] I’m so proud to hear BTS V’ real name, Kim Taehyung, engraved on Mars.

8. [+82, -0] BTS V’ sincerity and fans’ sincerity towards him reached Mars.

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