BTS V “After Rose Bowl concert, I cried and fell asleep”

BTS V cried and fell asleep after Rose Bowl concert

He expressed, “I don’t think anyone could understand the feeling completely if you haven’t stood on the Rose Bowl stage. At the Rose Bowl concert, I felt the most feeling and heat than I could’ve ever imagined, and I felt ARMY’s heart. That’s why all my anxiety and pressure flew away.”

V continued, “After the concert, I laid on my bed in the hotel room and cried alone. I fell asleep that way, and I woke up with my eyes very swollen. It was the first time I cried because I was happy.”


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1.[+1648, -70] This is the first time he cried for happiness and fell asleep. I wonder how much pressure on him to live as a member and superstar of BTS. I remember him saying thank you for letting him be reborn under the name of BTS, so be happy.

2. [+998, -36] As long as Army’s voice survives, our happiness will continue. It feels like he is showing his heart with the simplest words.

3. [+836, -29] When I read the interview, Army in Rose Bowl were the real winner! I am so touched by the fans !! I hope Taehyung will continue to shed tears of joy and just walk on the flower path.

4. [+702, -26] BTS is my hero, Kim Taehyung.

5. [+185, -0] The debut of BTS, which blew away prejudice about idols or entertainment artists, he showed his amazing charm to fans in a humble and simple way. His lovely personality is revealed. Although he has become more serious than when he first debuted, he always shows great respect for fans and tries to make the stage better.

6. [+150, -0] He could not forget the tears that he fell when he saw the fans at the Rose Bowl. You can cry when you want, Taehyung.

7. [+137, -0] What a pure and beautiful young man. I’m even happier to see him cherish Army, who is showing their support for him on stage.

8. [+119, -1] Rose Bowl concert, where BTS was so happy with love and passion beyond the imagination of the fans, has marked tears on the pillow and fell asleep!! I envy ARMY for cheering for Taehyung there. Thank you so much!!

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