BTS V Express His Love To RM In A Sweet Way

BTS V express his love to RM in a sweet way.

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1.[+770, -21] BTS V newest picture is so handsome, he is the world most handsome class.

2. [+476, -8] I really like BTS V~

3. [+378, -16] I like BTS V because it’s feel warm just by thinking about him and I can be healing just by listening to his voice.. Please sing a good song with your charming voice and become artists for a long time.

4. [+278, -6] I like BTS V too~

5. [+254, -8] I like you too!

6. [+58, -0] All of us don’t know about how the celebrities’ lives, but the seven BTS members are so much more outstanding these days. My favorite of BTS is V!

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