BTS V Itaewon Class OST on MelOn 5 Minute Chartㄷㄷㄷㄷ

BTS V Itaewon Class OST on MelOn 5 Minute Chart

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1. The song is even better than I expected

2. The song is so good

3. I like the song and I think it will last a long time on the charts

4. V’s songs are always good

5. I’m listening to it right now.. The song is so good, Taehyung’s voice is amazing

6. Wow I like this song, my eardrums are melting because of V’s sweet voice

7. Nice song!! Taehyung is a genius~~~

8. The song is crazy… Taehyung is amazing

9. I like this song, so I listen to it a lot of times, the melody is so good and V’s voice is just crazy.

10. I like V’s emotions. His songs are all my favorite songs, like 4 O’CLOCK and Winter Bear and Scenery.

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