“No.1 Seoul promotional video” BTS V, even clothes in ads sold out, ‘CF Blue chip’

BTS V shows his 'Midas effect' on everything related to him

The promotional video for Seoul travel by global superstar BTS V has attracted the attention of many fans abroad and has broken the record of 1 million views in 3 days, the fastest among the members.

V introduces the video while wearing this Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe.

Each robe sells for over $1,000, but that hefty price tag didn’t prevent the robe from selling out in several online stores, including MatchesFashion and FarFetch.

BTS V shows his 'Midas effect' on everything related to him
BTS V shows his 'Midas effect' on everything related to him

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1. [+1042, -138] Seoul City’s PR video ranked #1 of 2019. The Seoul Metropolitan Government seems to be happy thanks to BTS V’s “Midas Effect”. Visitors to the park of Busan city are the highest ever, the power of BTS contributes to maximizing tourism revenue.

2. [+832, -128] The expensive robes were sold out and Seoul City’s promotional video received 1 million views in just 3 days. The advertising effect of BTS V is strong.

3. [+764, -127] Not only the items related to V, but also everything shown in the ad are so accurate that it expresses what it wants to represent, so I think the effect of the ad is huge! His subtle understanding and expression make the ad shine. I’m sure it’s a blue chip in the CF

4. [+707, -123] As expected, even the clothes V wore were sold out. I like Taehyung’s voice and expression in the promotional video. Taehyung, who has the ability to promote himself without any intention. I hope to see him in more commercials.

5. [+150, -3] Everything V wears looks special and makes anyone want to have it. V’s sparkle light makes everything more valuable. Let’s hope to see BTS V shine even more!

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