BTS V who seems to be called by another name in Japan

V is using the stage name V in Japan

However, those who know V in Japan call him by another name

V’s real name is Kim Tae Hyung. TaeTae is a nickname he’s had since his high school days.

Japanese star Takeuchi Ryoma asks a staff member, “Who is the member with the blue hair?”. The staff member answers, “TaeTae.”

During a Japanese variety show, the ladies below talk about their favorite K-Pop idol groups:

A: “Do you like K-Pop? Which group do you like?”
B: “BTS.”
A: “Who do you like [in BTS]?”
B: “TaeTae.”
A: “I like him a lot too!”

When Park Bo Gum mentioned BTS’s V during his Japanese fan meeting:

MC: “Have you let other people listen to this song before? Like any friends?”
Park Bo Gum: “My friend, yes. My cute friend…”
Fans: “TaeTae?”
Park Bo Gum: “How did you know? Yes, my friend TaeTae.”

BTS’s V makes an unexpected appearance during a Japanese reality show:
Question: “What is your wife’s favorite thing?”

Wife: “Bread.”
Husband: “BTS’s TaeTae.”

A young ARMY during an interview:
“I got to see TaeTae and Namjoon in person!”

In a description of the cast members of the KBS drama ‘Hwarang’, one Japanese streaming platform listed:
“V(TaeTae) of BTS.”

The name ‘V’ is difficult to pronounce in Japanese, and so many Japanese fans prefer to call V by his nickname. cr

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1. TaeTae sounds so cute

2. That’s right, I haven’t seen Japanese fans call V as V. I think Korean fans are calling him TaeTae too;;;

3. TaeTae is so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. His nickname is just as cute as himself, TaeTae

5. Well, I think BTS is so popular in Japan

6. I’ve seen Jimin call V as TaeTae a few times, his nickname is so cute

7. TaeTae is so cute.. Japanese fans love cute things

8. Everything about V is cute

9. TaeTae is easy to pronounce and sounds cuter

10. TaeTae is so cute and perfect for him

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